Why Talk To Me?

Unlock Your Potential

My work as a coach is based on my belief that we all have an innate potential to do something special with our lives. Sometimes defining what this special thing is for each one of us is difficult. Fear and doubt is pre-programmed into our brain and this develops an automatic instinct to suppress our dreams.

Getting On Your Life Path

My approach is to acknowledge your life experience to date, but most importantly to support you to see your existing abilities and assist you to clarify that special life that you dream of. I give you the tools to evaluate it against your values as a person and to get moving on your chosen destiny path.


What You can
expect from Me in

  • Absolute confidentiality. I provide a safe space to explore your thoughts and probe your inner dreams.
  • A belief in your own strengths and capacity to lead the life you desire.
  • An absolute belief that you are the expert in your own life and that the coach's role is there to assist you with enabling questions and observations that allows you achieve clarity of your life values, your goals and how to get on the right road to achieve them.
  • Gentle challenges and observations in a manner that you are comfortable with but yet will allow you to grow your personal insights.
  • You hold the sessions agenda and what you want to get out of each session.
  • My focused and attentive listening in order to fully understand you and your life in a totally non judgemental manner.
  • A light hearted relaxed atmosphere.

Why is neuroscience important in My

An understanding of neuroscience and how our brains work is critical to unlocking our potential. Our self belief systems usually developed in very early childhood tap into our instinctive fear. Understanding this fear reaction in the brain is important so that we manage it, in order to embrace exciting changes and challenges that we want in our lives.

Our brains love habits, and will often repeat the same limiting patterns of behaviour therefore not getting the results in life we know we are capable of. An in-depth understanding of neuroscience and the chemicals involved  therefore is critical in building new habits as well as creating and maintaining strong self beliefs. This involves stimulating neural pathways in the brain to enable these new habits to stick. Consistency is the key to success! 

In this rapidly changing environment, unmanaged stress can lead to illness and burnout. People are so consumed with ‘busyness’  where higher priorities are confused with lower priority distractions. Neuro Wellness coaching enables you to understand stress and equips you to support your wellness in times of stress. It introduces techniques and strategies which move you from stress and struggle to calmness, control and balance. By introducing simple daily habits, new neural pathways are stimulated in the brain to ensure these new habits become part of your new routine. 

Where your attention goes,
your energy flows