Executive Coaching

Sometimes business owners or senior management find that a skilled trustworthy person outside the business gives them a unique insight into their own performance and that of the business, something that is often not available from within the business. This can evolve from personal and life coaching to business development mentoring depending on the agenda of the person at that time.

There is a need to have a balance on the normal human emotions and the business decisions that are required to manage a business. Being a business owner or senior executive is often a lonely position, one that often lacks a sounding board for thoughts and decisions that are required to be made. As an experienced senior executive, I believe I have the skills and insights from developing and managing different businesses to add real value and insights to both personal and business issues.

He has a great ability to get you to see beyond your own perspective and  environment and appreciate a different viewpoint that allows you to create a holistic opinion and approach to a scenario.

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Staff Coaching

One of the most powerful parts of having me working with staff on a one to one basis is that I am a third party, external to the business. I do not have any motive to navigate a coaching conversation in a particular direction for my own interests. I am there to work with the staff member on their agenda. I can be trusted by all parties and be there with the sole purpose of helping the person sitting in front of me.

Staff can open up and have an honest and open coaching conversation which can help them become aware of where they are and to help them move forward without judgement. In my experience, this leads to clearer objectives, better balance between work and home, more productive and engaged staff that are content to be on their own life journey.

Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Staff

My non-judgmental approach can be empowering for a staff member who is starting to feel lost in their job, is going through a challenging time or who has factors outside of work affecting their productivity and job satisfaction. Managing these issues for the individual staff member will greatly assist in attracting, engaging and retaining staff.

Many studies indicate that the millennial staff are constantly looking for ways to improve their employability, their skill-sets and their career goals. My coaching is all about professional development and growing personal insights, setting realistic but challenging goals and achieving contentment. All important goals for these staff members.

As an experienced executive of staff based businesses, by working with me as your company’s coach, you will improve the success of your business by fully tapping the innate potential of all your people.


My experience would indicate that one on one coaching or mentoring can usually result in excellent results. However, group workshops tailored to specific like-minded people or companies can also yield good results. They can explain coaching concepts and values, improve personal insights and encourage life changing steps to desired progress. The key is understanding the group and its needs as far as possible. This must be followed by a tailored unique approach in presenting insights and ideas and facilitating learning discussion. I am always open to having a discussion on providing such workshops with a view to adding real value to the group that is sustainable and life changing.

What You can
expect from Me in

  • Absolute confidentiality. I provide a safe space to explore your thoughts and probe your inner dreams.
  • A belief in your own strengths and capacity to live the life you desire.
  • An absolute belief that you are the expert in your own life and that the coach's role is there to assist you with enabling questions and observations that allows you achieve clarity of your life values, your goals and how to get on the right road to achieve them.
  • Gentle challenges and observations in a manner that you are comfortable with but yet will allow you to grow your personal insights.
  • You hold the sessions agenda and what you want to get out of each session.
  • My focused and attentive listening in order to fully understand you and your life in a totally non-judgemental manner.
  • A light hearted relaxed atmosphere.

Where your attention goes,
your energy flows