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Why talk to Me?

My work as a coach is based on my belief that we all have an innate potential to do something special with our lives. Sometimes defining what this special thing is for each one of us is difficult. Fear and doubt is pre-programmed into our brain and this develops an automatic instinct to suppress our dreams.

Who is Joe?

I started out managing a small local staffing business which was later developed nationally and into the UK. Further diversification into retail and product distribution was later successfully achieved. This was also complemented by developing interests in commercial and residential property. I balance my natural entrepreneurial style with a keen interest in people. My strong people skills ensured that a successful management team was built to maintain and to continue the growth of the business units.


I have a variety of qualifications tracking different needs and interests over the years. These include Agricultural Science, Business, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Qualified Financial Advisor and most recently the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience.

Why is neuroscience
important in my coaching?

An understanding of neuroscience and how our brains work is critical to unlocking our potential. Our self belief systems usually developed in very early childhood tap into our instinctive fear. Understanding this fear reaction in the brain is important so that we manage it, in order to embrace exciting changes and challenges that we want in our lives.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about being able to talk openly about your life experience with someone who is trained to ask you considered and life changing questions. Having a source of support and objective guidance in your life can give you the potential to grow confidence, productivity, relationships and put you on a path of a happier and more fulfilled life.

Business Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sometimes business owners or senior management find that a skilled trustworthy person outside the business gives them a unique insight into their own performance and that of the business, something that is often not available from within the business. This can evolve from personal and life coaching to business development mentoring depending on the agenda of the person at that time. 

Staff Coaching

One of the most powerful parts of having me working with staff on a one to one basis is that I am a third party, external to the business.. I do not have any motive to navigate a coaching conversation in a particular direction for my own interests. I am there to work with the staff member on their agenda. I can be trusted by all parties, and be there with the sole purpose of helping the person sitting in front of me.


My experience would indicate that one on one coaching or mentoring can usually result in excellent results. However, group workshops tailored to specific likeminded people or companies can also yield good results. They can explain coaching concepts and values, improve personal insights and encourage life changing steps to desired progress.The key is understanding the group and its needs as far as possible.This must be followed by a tailored unique approach in presenting insights and ideas and facilitating learning discussion.I am always open to having a discussion on providing such workshops with a view to adding real value to the group that is sustainable and life changing.


I love Joe’s ability to ask stimulating and intriguing questions that would make you think about scenarios and circumstances that you wouldn’t have thought about without being gently probed during the coaching session.

Tech Sector, Dublin

Joe has an ability to dig deeper in his questioning method which provokes questions and answers that would not usually be brought up.

Tech Sector, Dublin

Joe has a great ability to come up with new ideas and a methodology to follow them through, gained from a lifetime of dealing with people at different levels.

Financial Director, UK

He is so observant to the detail of what I say and then reflects it back to me. This challenges my personal and business thinking. This is sometimes not what I want, but always what I need.

Company Director, Wexford

Contact me and I’ll help you to transform your life and business

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