Coaching with Neuroscience takes the complexity of brain-based coaching and simplifies it to the triggers and interventions that create the most dramatic results for your clients.

Leaders in the world of business, executive, and life coaching, often say the science most closely related to coaching is neuroscience, because it explains so much about human behavior, habits, and the achievement of goals.

Plus, the science behind coaching legitimizes coaching to skeptics, who see business, executive, and life coaching as an expensive luxury with no real proof to back it up. Actually, the science behind coaching is quite clear-cut and convincing. Particularly the neuroscience behind coaching, because it objectively measures physical things like neurons, neurochemicals, and electrical impulses, rather than intangibles, like thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, which are open to interpretation.

The problem is that neuroscience is incredibly complex. In fact, the human brain is the most complex structure known to science. How do you take the wealth of new information about the brain and apply it to your coaching simply, directly, and effectively for greater client results?
Using Neuroscience for Coaching will help you understand:  

  • The most important aspects of your fantastic brain and how it interacts with your body, with other living beings, and with the environment.
  • Why neuroscientists no longer talk about right-brained and left-brained people.
  • What the new science of neuroplasticity has discovered about personal transformation and how to apply it for your clients.
  • How the triune nature of the brain explains human behavior in ways that empower us.
  • Emergent qualities of the brain.
  • Why and how habits can be broken or upgraded.
  • Why and how values, needs, and beliefs can exponentially transform lives.
  • Why and how positive thinking is powerful.
  • How to train the brain to be happier and healthier.
  • How to talk about the brain and behavior in ways that edify and inspire your clients.
  • How to talk about spirituality in ways even atheists can embrace.
  • Much more!